You and me

You and me

we are in love
so much we live within us
your are me and i you
my world built around you
my thoughts and dreams
those of you alone

High above the world
existing on another plane
like two lemon roses
towering above a sea of red petals
leaning towards the setting sun
side by side supporting each other

I can never mock your feelings
Even when the seem so stupid
your smiles shall be my happiness
And your tears my sorrow
It’s you who now lives in me
And my heart beating in your chest

To the world it is complicated
To us it is a simple cause
through my eyes you see the world
And in your eyes our unending path
from here to the world beyond
Time and space can’t make our feelings fade

Ours is like that of the master and a humble servant
But we are both servants
At the feet of a higher master
We understand our places perfectly
And do our duties delightfully
Without jealousy and envy

We will always disagree to agree
We will always forgive every err
And together nurse our every wound
Till we are whole again
For we know there is no ending
You are me and i you


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