Let’s create a memory

Let's create a memory

My mind is a sandy beach
Come take an endless stroll
Embed a beautiful memory of us
Beneath each footprint you leave behind

As the waves wash the shores
Let it unearth sparkling diamonds
Let our time together be priceless
Every memory of us a sparkling treasure

Your so beautiful this woman
It so hard to look further or backwards
When my eyes behold your face
I see nature floating in your eyes

The sun fading gently away
Illuminating the world it leaves behind
With soft delicate rays of hope
Radiating steadily from your eyes

I wish I could reach out and touch them
But I fear they would burst
The way your smile strain them is so delicate
The aura reaching the very depth of my soul

Together we make this magic happen
We spin an unending web of love
A myth that would last forever
A promise neither time and space can break.


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