Audacity of hope

Audacity of hope

Marching fort from our enclaves
Where for years we lived as slaves
Walking away from the boundary of fears
Where for years we dwelled in tears

Time has come to fight
To show the world our plight
To chase away darkness with light
Marching forth to demand our right

From the cities in the east to the north
From the kingdoms of the west to the south
Let us unite on a common front
Different languages but a similar font

Let their be a social revolution
Leading to a political revolution
Let’s disengage the common center
Leading to formulation of a new center

It is for our children and generations after
No more human slaughter
No more ethnic sentiments
New leaders with renewed commitments

From lagos to aba would be on a train
All major roads would have dual lanes
Our rusty taps would flow again
Among leaders no more bitterness and pain

We become famous across the globe
No longer for walking on a thin disintegration rope
Or for scandalous corruption practices
No longer would we be under such curse

The groundnut pyramid would be back
Cocoa plantations would be back
Every graduate would find employment
Every citizen would be a treasure to the government

To see our dreams come to pass
We have to empower fresh brains
Conjuring vivid pictures of the future
The beauty of a successful nation


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