Diary of an urban man 4

Diary of an urban man 4

From within me this flower will sprout out to conquer the world with it’s charm and wit. Mummy loves you no matter what daddy may think, it doesn’t matter your mine and I have every reason to watch you blossom and not terminate you before you even had a chance to witness spring.
With your peers you shall bloom when the season arrives and itch your name in gold, I will always hover over you watching you right from the moment you take toddler steps to the moment of giant strides. I will dim my light so that you may shine fort, my jewel and fortune, a treasure from God and the fruit of my womb I love you.
Julie scribbled down these words with tears running down her cheeks, this wasn’t part of her plan, and even though she adored kids she wanted to raise them in the same loving environment of a father and a mother like the kind she grew up from.
The idea of a single parent never crossed her mind but it was now a reality she had to accept. Beckly made it clear he wasn’t going to be responsible for any child that devil how he can suggest abortion! Even though it seems the easiest way out as she would get to continue her acting career but what fortune would she seek that would be greater than a child, she was an African and abortion is not her tradition.
She had called her manager and cancelled all appointments, proceeding on an indefinite leave till she was strong enough to foray back into the world of showbiz. Her manager who also doubles as one of her best friends had rushed to her mansion to enquire why the hesitate decision.
Julie told him everything, he was deeply touched and promised to lender her total support in any way he can. Renewed strength filled her at his words of encouragement and support. When he left Julie stood at the balcony and watched the world that spread out before her, her face would soon be gone from the billboards, headlines, TV adverts, A list parties, comedy shows est.
It didn’t matter she told her self what is in her is greater than what is out there. With that thought she smiled at the parting sun that was making his way behind fluffy clouds.
Beckly sat alone in his office his long legs spread on the table as he leaned back on his leather chair, his mind going back and fort in time, he was going to be a father whether he liked it or not.
The fact that julie had decided to keep the pregnancy was disturbing enough, he knew he was such a fool for letting her stomp out in fury when he suggested abortion but he was helpless.
Not one to dwell for so long on regret he decided to call Ngozi and negotiate their broken relationship back into place, the pregnancy is not his problem but julie’s, after all she was wealthy enough to take care of a baby.
An hour later he was sitting across a smiling Ngozi whose choice of a short red gown and little make up made her look so simple and beautiful. This was the lady Beckly told him self as she blushed at one of his jokes. The dinner was excellent it set the mood for an exciting evening together.
On their way home he suggested they bought a bottle of wine to celebrate their moment together that was the beginning of a day gone totally wrong. Please drop me off at my house before proceeding to that wine shop of yours Ngozi said, come on babe I said it is for both of us! Our favorite that’s what am buying, you asked me to have dinner with you and that ended five minutes ago now I would like to go home please. There was no anger in her voice just a plain sincere request followed by a smile. It irritated Beckly more than it hurt him, why the rush to go home dear, It’s a colleague’s birthday party and I can’t miss it, and your going alone without me? Yes and why should I go with you? I don’t want to be involved in any gossip please! What ever happened between us ended the day your ex got pregnant for you.
What!! So this is about julie eh? Babe let’s iron this once and for all; there is nothing to talk about beckly I can’t just play second fiddle to another woman.
Hours later Beckly was alone on his balcony sipping directly from the bottle his favorite jack daniels, how did Julie acquire so much power over his relationship with other people, at one point he was blaming Ngozi for lack of understanding at another he was seeing reasons with her.
The night would soon pass he reminded himself and tomorrow might be better.


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