Diary of an Urban man 6 “Clash of Interest”

The 193 hour (s) travel from Abuja to Mumbai really took a toll on my mother, even though she appeared strong I could see through her painful smiles. She was suffering I could sense it, what started as a mild waist pain is now threatening her life. When the doctors suggested she needed a Total hip replacement surgery and the doctor who specialized in that area was not going to be back till next week I could wait no longer. A little consultation linked me up to an organization that provided such treatment, Christie was in far away Rome I couldn’t wait for her, father was too old to travel. I arrived Mumbai with high hopes that mother will get better. Their was people sent by the hospital waiting at the airport to convey us to our destination. The scenes I saw in Bollywood movies was total different, it was a whole new India experience which sure do have it’s magic. But I was not interested in tourism I just wanted mother to get better as soon as possible.


Maybe it was just a hunch or I was truly missing my mother either way I decided to fly down to port Harcourt to visit her, she owned a big restaurant in the heart of the city, even though she was nearing sixty years she has refused to hand over the management of the place to someone else. What will I be doing when I wake in the morning? She would ask when ever the topic came up. It didn’t surprise her that I was pregnant, which totally surprised me cause I have been rearranging phrases to use in explaining my situation to her. Julie dear, Beckley is such a nice man and the sooner you two recognize your meant for each other the better it would be for your baby. Wait mama what are you talking about, I parted ways with him two months ago and nothing will change that! He was here two days ago and he explained everything to me, I believe he still loves you and he is looking for a way to get back into your life. What exactly did he tell you mama? Relax dear we are not in a quarrel, let’s welcome you first. What soup would you like for dinner egusi or isala? You know better mama! Later in the evening I could smell the aroma of isala soup coming from the kitchen. What could he have told my mum to convince her of a relationship that would never see the day’s light. He has some explanation to do and he should better be ready when I ask for them.


Hours later I was seated in our private hospital room waiting for mother to make it out of the surgical room, my mind was went off to Nigeria, the game was getting pretty intense since Julie started her games of invading my family, I had been on my toes trying to know what everybody knows. You could say curiosity made me visit her mum when I arrived port-Harcourt and wouldn’t be far from the truth but it was habitual for me to pay the woman who has always looked out for as a mother would when I was intimately involved with her daughter and has always said we were just meant for each other. I had expected a cold welcome from her but it turned out she didn’t even know of her daughter’s condition I was left with the option to paint her a perfect picture. We just had a minor fight mama and Julie won’t let me back into her house, she swore I won’t even get to hold our baby. A baby! My God, you two need to get engaged as soon as possible. I don’t want my daughter having kids out of wedlock. As for her not wanting you around anymore don’t worry I know her, am sure it is a minor upset and she would come around. When I told her I was on my way to visit my mother at Enugu but flew to see her first before linking up. I knew I won a huge favor to my side. Julie will have a hand full when her mother talks us getting married.


Beckley will have to pay your bride price. What!! Mama what are you talking about? Julie dear no matter what he did to you was in the past, you have got to look at your future and that of your baby too. Mama clearly I have and it doesn’t include a man who will rather have me abort my baby so that he could marry the woman his heart desires. Calm down, he made a terrible mistake and am sure he regrets every bit of it, you were courageous to stand your ground and I think he appreciates you more now, why not give him a chance to prove it. Mama his playing games, I can sense it. So he pays my bride price the baby becomes his and he can call off the wedding at wish. Mama when he is ready to walk down the aisle he knows where to find me and what to do. No child of mine is having a baby outside wedlock you should get that into your head.


Mama first phase of operation was successful, it cheered my mood greatly, I could see that the pain was fleeing her body the worrying wrinkles on her forehead had disappeared so did her heavy eyes which was now bright with hope. Nna thank you so much, the doctors were so kind but there is a little thing we have to talk about now that we are alone and I have your ears. Mama am all ears, I want you to marry Juliet, she has a kind heart. When she use to visit me with Christie I had a chance to study her she is truly a worthy wife for you. Mama Juliet and I no longer share same interest. You people should stop speaking about her like she is some angel from above. She has her weaknesses and faults, but she is carrying your baby, my grandchild! I would love to hold that baby when he or she arrives into this world, I want to dance with joy. If this is the last wish you grant for me on earth please do it. Mama wait before you place me under your oaths, read between the lines, she is just trying to hook me with the pregnancy. Then get hooked my son. Mama was not one to change her views easily and this was an ultimatum I needed a way to escape.


I have heard about the constant irritation pregnant women undergo but this was the height of experience, pawwww! The slap landed on my chubby face I could see sparkling stars before me for a few seconds, what the hell do you take me for beckley? Some cheap girl you just play the way you want, that little drama you played with my mother should never ever repeat it self, the look in her eyes was that of pure rage, it was as if their was a reflection of flames in them. I knew I had to take my leave knowing fully well I will be back.


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