Please give them amnesty

Please give them amnesty

Isn’t the world a big stage
Adorned by different characters
Both the audience and actors
The creator placed in same cage

Drama upon drama churned out
As the men in flowing agbada gather
Our cause they pretend to ponder
Lies and more lies churned out

Our part is that of foolishness
And we gladly play it wisely
So long the bread comes daily
We can show the world our nakedness

My neighbor’s roof was blown off
His wife and kids reduced to ashes
The pain trickling him like a million rashes
Please pay the murderers off

These men in agbada told their leader
A pat on the back for a job well done
Wipe your tears the dead are long gone
Brace your selves for the new episode

The wise men have spoken
So the fools must follow
Since our reasoning is so shallow
And our will to question broken


2 Responses to “Please give them amnesty”

  1. So long as the bread comes daily…

    Powerful words


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