The Black Cartel

The Black Cartel


As Smart climbed the stairs he felt an uncertain uneasiness building up within him, he had rubbed his wet palms on his pant, trickles of sweat also formed on his forehead. He told himself the hundredth time even if she hates me I’d just be polite, after all it was I, who “pissed” her off the first time we met, I will just apologize and get on with my errand! Bigger problems lay ahead; the most difficult was lone Shark how was he to find a ghost? Within the enclave of her room Maria tucked at the tip of her short gown as if she was desperate to cover every piece of flesh the white flowered cotton gown could extend to! But it stopped just mid way between her knees and her enormous hips. She flattened the dress over her laps by rubbing her palms against it. She was checking her face in the mirror to make sure her make up was perfect when a gentle tapping on the door confirmed his presence, she wasn’t nervous to see him but everything had to be perfect, she had chosen seduction as her game plan, it was the easiest way to get a man talking about things he thought know not. The moment Smart entered the elegant but simple room he engulfed by lust it began to spin its own web around his thoughts, he tried looking away from the sexy Mexican lady before him he only found his eyes locked in hers. Hi welcome, she motioned him to sit and sat directly opposite him. Am sorry about the other night he began but she cut him off almost immediately, its okay actually! I wasn’t just in the mood for discussion. She stood up and walked over to the little stool that was in the corner of the room and picked out a bottle of tequila among the four other different bottles, with two glasses. Let’s do that introduction thing again she said and resumed her sitting position. She filled a glass and handed it over to him then filled hers. What’s your name? She asked with a smile drawn across her lips, all the while Smart’s eyes never left her body, it followed her round the room, drawing different anatomy of the small portion covered by the short gown. For sure we started off on the wrong foot Smart heard himself said, it was almost a whisper, and she made a face then said I am sorry about that! Am Smart, he said casually, Maria! They shook hands. Are you a soldier? Not knowing what else to tell her he did for a living he murmured nop! I just work for the Col! Interesting, so what do you do? Am sorry to disappoint you but it is confidential. Maria didn’t probe further she understood confidential, he was the perfect mark to make her job easier. Are you the Col’s mistress? The question annoyed her greatly with the manner with which he asked it. He was indirectly calling her a prostitute to her face. She didn’t show her emotion this time. Calmly she replied, Well You see Smart I am a business woman she re-crossed her legs as she spoke. Smart stood up and said Very well then I should get going now, can I have the money? I should be back by 4 pm. You know I was thinking of touring your city, would you be obliged to show me round. You mean like a tour guide? Well you can call it that but more like a friendship though.


Somewhere in the city, the weak rays of the setting evening’s sun cast a sharp silhouette on a well trimmed flower wall, the dense cluster of delicate petals housed a variety of flowers and fruit trees. A sharp natural fragrance hung in the air not even the tiny balls of white smoke from chief Oham’s pipe was enough to pollute the alluring atmosphere of his garden. The Col sat opposite him sipping quietly from a glass of red wine. The usually calmness of the chief has transformed into rage, he wore the look of a worried man yet he didn’t raise his voice when he spoke to the Col, but took time to rub off just the right impression. With lone Shark roaming the street you know very well nobody is safe! I wonder why the delay in sending him to join his older brother in hell, Chief I assure you we are doing all that is possible. Col I want you to do anything possible just as long as lone shark dies! It is just a matter of time Chief, he can’t hide forever sooner or later we will pick him up somewhere. Alright Col I believe we have an understanding I will be traveling by weekend a grand meeting of every el-cartel house is going to take place in Abuja. I’d love this issue resolved while am away. I’d like to come back to a safe city…..


With genuine amusement Maria watched Smart speak Nigeria local version of English ‘broken English’, Even though she only understood bits of his words the rhythm of his speech thrilled her. He had promised she will enjoy suya “roasted meat” she didn’t quite trust him but it smelt good. 50 meters away by the road side sitting calmly in a black hilux, wearing a black hood concealing his facial features and peeping from a small binoculars, lone shark was watching this two with keen interest, his life was evolving around an unending myth these few days, tonight it had these two in focus he was desperate to get his hands on a good piece of information. Lanre his brother’s lawyer and PA had told him that Lagos and Abuja was in no mood for a grand reception on his behalf neither was P/H a safe haven. It was best to leave the country, he had advised. But Lone shark wasn’t one to run from a fight, they killed his only brother he was determined to seek revenge. He knew the Col worked for someone and that someone wants him dead, that same face behind the mask definitely killed his brother too. Everything was moving smoothly, he had followed the Smart closely but was too careful not to tip him off, it was all falling into place with the Col, Smart was the perfect link to get to the Col. Now the white woman was another piece on the chess board he didn’t quite understand it’s role. She seemed to fall from the sky into the picture now she was courting Smart. He had seen her at the hotel with Col, two soldiers always kept watch over her from a distance. The soldiers wore plain clothes and carried pistols. Patience! Lone shark whispered to himself, they would all soon fall prey….


Sequel to the next episode “City Of Blood”

Back at his apartment Smart sat at the edge of his bed, his forehead buried in his palms, his heart and head pounding in a perfect rhythm, he was savoring the effect last night alcohol. He had a real swell time with Maria, she was so sweet, that at a point he was toying with idea of them ending up in bed in his head. As if she had read his mind, she flirted with him more and more always wearing a gorgeous smile. The booze kept flowing as well as unending discussion they were like two close friends who had been apart for a very long while. By mid night he was too drunk to even stand up without staggering. She had to help him call Bob who drove him back home. A Creaking sound from the kitchen revived Smart to full consciousness, he started at his bedside clock it was 4:15 am, he strolled casually to the kitchen not really in a panic, the moment he stepped into the kitchen Lone shark was pointing the muzzle Of 0.45 caliber to his forehead…….

*(I greatly appreciate all your criticisms people, it makes my day actually and also I highly regret all the errors you guys have to keep encountering. I am working on a perfect editor, soon there should be an improvement. Things are really on the fast side right now. Thanks everyone, you guys are awesome.”


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