Black Cartel 3

Black Cartel 3

Lanre sat quietly in deep thoughts, his office was at the far end of the duplex, built on the land that was once occupied by the Afro beat legend Shrine ‘Fela Kuti’ the office was simple and well secured. He had insisted on keeping it when the Chief requested him to work solely for the Cartel family, the noise from many thousands voices arguing in the near by computer village, a market just a stone throw away from his office, filtered into his office as a faint sound, he had purposely left his window open today as if expecting the news to fly in through it. The one thing that was on his mind was Lone shark! Occasionally he stared at his phone in anticipation of the Don’s call. Only one stage remained for the deal to be sealed, the death of Lone shark. He alone stood between him and limitless wealth. He! Lanre, a common lawyer would be one of the big men soon. He was going to now live in Victory Island, where most of the big men lived. Chief Edet deserved it all, he had crossed him! Hasn’t he been faithful enough for 13 years? They were friends before business further sealed the bond between them; he became the boss and has always been treated as such. But he betrayed the very trust that made them thick; he must pay for the pains meted upon him “Lanre”. The Don was the perfect ally to his revenge plans, the miserable 80 million naira that was going to be his cut is nothing compared to the wealth he was going to inherit. One thing stood between him and his dreams, Lone Shark! Every other person was dead!
Maria peeped again from behind her window curtain, the two men she had seen yesterday sat at same spot, occasionally taking a glance at the direction her room’s window. She had seen them at the money changing market yesterday when they went to change money. She didn’t want to create panic so she couldn’t tell Smart. They had followed them around a bit before finally disappearing, Now they trailed back to her room, well they better be prepared to have a real fight from her, if they try messing with her. She brought out a make up kit she had carried from home, from beneath its mirror upper layer she unhooked a .380 pistol, embedded in a thigh strap. Don Juan had paid the airport authority to smuggle the box for her, and now it was going to come in handy. She tried the gun strap around her thigh, it fit perfectly. There was a knock on the door, she peeped out once more and they men were still there. It was someone else she then, she put away her box but left the gun strapped to her thigh, her silk evening gown concealing the weapon.
The Col wore a serious look as he walked through Maria’s door, “welcome Col” she murmured after closed she the door behind them. Maria I want to make something clear, I don’t entertain my clients mingling with my subjects. I am sorry Col I don’t quit follow? Is there a problem? You want out with Smart yesterday; he was just showing me around the city, is that a problem? Not really but next time if you need a tour guide ask me directly. Ok but I don’t think I’d need one anymore, please tell your boys to stop following me around, it irks me. I’d see you later Maria he stormed out. She picked her phone immediately he after he left, moments later Don juan’s voice was on the other end.
Chief Ohams listened attentively to voice on the other end of the line, he is the only obstacle! Eliminate him and the deal is struck.150 million naira is yours once Lone shark is dead. I am going to delay the family’s meeting till Wednesday; I want some good news before then. Alright Don, I will make sure of that. Damn! Lone shark was proving more difficult to eliminate by the day, he had probably left for Abuja or Lagos. But the Don had assured him that he was still within the city. But where is the fucking ghost! Dead lines can be deadly in this of work, and if the rest of the family learns of the truth behind the plot, they will surely team up against him! The Don was clean before them; he had used him to do the dirty work. He must see the Col at once, the search for Lone shark must intensify.
He must be dead before this week is over.
Smart’s whole attention was on the piece of steel pointed at his fore head, his eyes was fixed on the muzzle of the .45 Caliber pistol. He could feel his life hanging on Lone Shark’s second finger, which was calmly resting on the trigger of the pistol. Smart I am going to ask you this a second time only because I don’t think you understand the depth of what you have gotten yourself into! If not a hot piece of steel would have been resting in your skull by now. Why does the fucking Col want me dead? I don’t know man; I am dead serious he only said something about a change in power. A change in power? From whose hands to whose hands? I might as well be shot dead after this but I just want you to know my friend was killed too, I am just holding unto an olive branch granted by the Col. I am not going to shoot you Smart, but I am going to need you. If you love your friend and your life, you would help me avenge him and secure you. Not that Smart loved Eli to the point of risking his life or that he felt a need for security. It was rather out of an obligation to do something that seemed right that pushed him to agree in helping Lone Shark. The Mexican lady, what do you know about her? He had lowered the gun now, Smart felt more at ease. She is some kind of mistress to the Col, I quit disagree with you on that, Mistresses don’t look that Smart! Let’s find out more about her. But mean while I need to know whom the Col receives orders from. There must be some kind of link leading us up the chain. How do you know this Lone? Smart this is what I do for a living. See your kitchen window fixed, we have much work to do before dusk.
At almost same wee hour, Maria was on the phone with Don Juan. Boss I think there have been a kind of drug war down here, the top mobs are expanding their territories seems our client fell victim. Look Maria that the Col don’t want you frolicking with his agents doesn’t mean he is the enemy, research more on this theory of yours and feed me some facts. One thing is certain whom ever killed Chief Edet must account for my money or see my fury. Okay boss, I’d do my best. And the line went dead. The first sign of dawn had begun with a faint twilight; Maria stared into the empty street through her window. Not a soul was insight. Soon the sun would begin to rise on another of the many Fridays she is likely to spend in Nigeria. Soon too she would return to Mexico she consoled herself.
At about 9 am that same morning Smart received a call from Lone Shark, everything is ready, perfect time to divert the target on track, the deep voice commanded. Alright, right away. Smart’s palms were wet as he dialed the Col’s number.
Buried in agonizing thoughts the Col was driving to his office in a rather slow unusual speed, he just had an unpleasant encounter with Chief Ohams, who was threatening fire and brim stones if Lone Shark wasn’t dead by Monday. What does that fool know about capturing criminals like Lone Shark? Lone Shark is certainly going down but more time is needed to hunt him down! When his phone rang he had a second guess not to pick the call but he did anyway. Col I have information on Lone Shark! There was urgency in Smarts voice, where the hell is you boy? I am at my house, and Lone Shark? He just left here! Whattt! Give me a minute I will be there right away. The Col started toward Smart’s apartment, all his escorts were sent away earlier on when he had to meet Chief Ohams. He didn’t see the truck jump into his path; it seemed to appear out of no where. He rammed his hilux against it….
The Col could hear voices although he could not make meaning out what was said, it was like they were several metres away. His head felt heavy; there were bits of sharp pain all over his body. His hands were bond behind him on a wooden chair without an arm rest and his feet were tied together too. He tried to scream but his mouth was taped, everything was just echoing in his head. He was still struggling to gather his thoughts when he heard the sound of someone’s foot steps fast approaching, the room was very dark he couldn’t even make out the direction of the sound. Lone shark switched on the light, the Col was in the centre of a small room. You finally wake up Col, he peeled off the tape, and he was staring into the eyes of the one man that has eluded him these few days. Col you wanted me here I am! You know this is a federal offence and you will pay with your life, oh you are threatening me? Well you see Col I don’t even have a life anymore. Let’s call this bluff off, release me and I will help you Shark. I don’t need your help sir! I just need a little information, who ordered the hit on Chief Edet? That is classified information I don’t have access to the details! Then who does? Release me first. Well Col you leave me no much choice than this, Lone Shark pulled out a pair of surgical glove and pliers from the overall he was wearing. One swift pull and the Col’s pre-molar was gone with some flesh attached to it, another swift pull the second pre-molar followed. The Col gave out a loud cry, Lone shark smiled. I think your coming around Col, now who gave the orders! The Col spat a mixture of blood and saliva to Shark’s face which earned him a broken rib. Within an hour it was all over, Smart received a short timed call from lone Shark. Listen to 9 pm news.
Chief Ohams was startled when he received the news of Col Butu’s dead. The Col’s orderly reported that he was found by the road side heavily mutilated; an anonymous caller had called his office and reported his location. It was the hand work of that monster Lone Shark he murmured to himself, the very thought of this enraged the hairs on his body. He called the Don for the 3rd time still there was no answer, everything seemed wrong today. He then called his travel agent and booked a 9am flight bound for Abuja the next day, it was time to rejoin his family and make sure they were safe. The Col had probably revealed his identity, that monster would surely be on the look out for him.
At 9pm the local station had the death of Col Butu on its headline; Smart stared at the mutilated body on the screen with complete astonishment. He had no pity for the man; rather it was the fear of Lone Sharks capability he feared now. The picture of the Col was only cast for a few seconds, for the remainder of the news item an old picture of Shark adorned the screen, he was the major suspect and a price tag of 500 thousand naira was placed on him. You must leave Port man; soon the soldiers will apprehend you for questioning” Said Bobby who was totally freaking out on the turn of events. Not yet Bob, I still have some issues to tidy up, at least as long as am at your place I can’t be traced.
At same hour Chief Ohams was on the phone with the Don. He killed the Col, Don! We are no longer safe! No Chief Ohams, you are no longer safe the Don thundered back. I told you to silence him not alert him. We tried our best but the man seemed like a ghost, he just appears and disappears. You would soon be one your self if you don’t kill Lone shark and the line went dead. On the large flat screen television the headlines were read out again, with the Col’s death on top of the news items. He had a sudden urge to smoke pipe. As he turned to head towards the bar section of his large living room, Lone Shark was standing right in front of the bar, a piston fitted with a silencer in his right hand. Take a seat Chief we just need to have a little chat, how did you get in here? Listen Chief I will do the questioning here, take a seat please. Chief Oham’s slumped into the nearest cushion as if was struck by a sudden heart attack. One of the cooks walked into the sitting room and was shot in the head by Shark. Jesus! The Chief screamed as the body of the man slumped to the ground. I don’t think he can hear you tonight. Please spear my life; I will pay you whatever amount of money you want. I just want some information, who ordered the hit on Chief Edet? I didn’t have anything to do with your brother’s death, I hate asking questions twice Chief, who ordered the hit? He was pointing the gun to his head now; it is from within your cartel Shark! Lanre your brother’s lawyer knows everything, am only machinery. I just wanted my cut. Only at the sight of a gun do people like Chief Ohams tell the whole truth, Shark was shocked by this revelation, how can Lanre betray the family after all that was done for him? Well chief you wanted your cut you will get it in full. He then sent 2 hot pieces of steel into the man’s skull.
News of the Col’s death had reached Maria an hour before the news on television, as she watched the broadcast it sent chills down her spine as the news had done earlier. She called Don Juan after the television confirmed the news, Maria am about to have my breakfast, I hope it’s something important? Yes Don, the Col is dead! What!! How? Killed by some assassin or mob, was it drug related? I don’t know yet but I hope to find out soon. Report any new stuff you notice, let me make some calls to other clients in Nigeria and find out what is going on. One more thing Maria, get out of that city as soon as possible. Ok boss, bye.
Next she called Smart, we need to talk Smart, and he gave her direction to where they could meet.
That Same night Lone Shark left P/H for Lagos, he didn’t tell Lanre to expect him. (to be continued….) .


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