A Country of penury, pain and mayhem.

A Country of penury, pain and mayhem.

What good is a man without love?
He is even to himself a great evil
A willing and humble slave to the devil
Karma would weigh him with his own clove

No war is just! No blood shed was worth it!!
Killing a common man to protect a common man?
Plotting evil underneath the northern pans
Soon another location they would hit

What folly have men perfected?
Under the guise of religious fanaticism
In the past “Together” we had fought racism
Now they want our paths parted

What folly have men perfected?
Ethnicity propels segregation
Weak weaken the strong enfeebled nation!
A country of penury, pain and mayhem; they created

We watch wealth and bliss washed off the shore
Daylight dims on sunny days
High spires crumble on worship days
Lives are spare not in this country dire show

If come hope to stay—they hope to slay
Covetous and desirous politico
Seers can’t tell the age of how far we go
Of the men sworn in a day of may..

Say a prayer for the dawn of a new age
Of Mutual respect despite your religion
Soaring high and away from our tribal dungeon
At the helm of affairs then; a great sage
~ a Stephen Crown and Charles Bernard poem collection~


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