Those good old days

Those good old days

Do you remember those days?
When our smiles was brightest
And we were at the brim of a new dawn
As though we will never grow old
You were the most beautiful girl for me
And I haven’t changed my view yet!

A beautiful memory is a mind’s perception
Whereas tears is meant to wash away
Tons of regrets that hunt the mind
Living in a present state of mind
Leaving the past where it belong
In the archives of time’s huge library

Thanks to you I finally start to live free
No longer have to think about you
All the time, imagining beautiful things
That would never come to pass
That I am all alone most nights
Doesn’t mean I am lonely without your calls

Everyday I see more reasons to remain alive
I meet people who are so kind to me
I began to wonder where they were before
It is funny because you use to be everything
My best friend, my worst critic and my lover
I didn’t even realize anyone else had the right to care

Hope you found the stars you chased after
And reached the gold you dug for
I pray you reach the zenith
Of all those beautiful dreams of yours
I also hope to see you someday across the street
But I don’t wish for that day to be soon

Those good old days are gone forever
And I have emerged better and stronger
No more wishes to re-live them again
Gone too is the disgusting vain pain
I am happily dancing to the sweet tunes
Of today’s song as my fate unfolds


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