Broken Spell

broken spell

Life is a miracle and love a myth
Finding the perfect one is the magic
Plenty perfect faces in the crowd
Coming and going in a frenzy
Once the spell is cast
The magic begins to take toll
You re-live in your head
Every little moment spent together
Even your dreams and thoughts
Becomes a theater for her show
Reality merges with illusions
Then slowly you are drown
Deep down the toxic ocean of love
At dawn, it is her voice you crave
At dusk, it is her arms and lips
Beneath the moonlight
Her eyes sparkle like no other
At the first hint of sunlight
Her thoughts sets the day off
Life is a miracle and love is magic
Endlessly you spun poems about her
Singing love songs with vivid images
You see beauty in everything
Even shadows take an abstract beauty
Such is the power of love’s spell
One morning you wake alone
A stale smell of sweat from the nightmare oozes
You start to remember it all
How it went down crumbling
The little fights and without warning
She had fled!

6 Responses to “Broken Spell”

  1. Nice one here man… Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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