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I Have Seen Poverty

Posted in poems, random with tags , , , , , , , on January 29, 2016 by Charles Bernard


It stares at me everyday on news headlines
It glides like Lagos state traffic
It screams in the ruined town of Maiduguri
It flows like River Niger along Onitsha boarder
Yes I have seen poverty
It lives in the swollen belly of Somalia kids
It swims in the painful tears of Sudan kids
It plays with kids on the street of Freetown
She is the smiling toothless kid of Congo
Yes I have seen poverty
Embedded in the long speeches of Mallam Sanusi
It is sleeping near Abacha’s resting place
It is living on Dimba Igwe’s regular column
Google Africa you can find her in abundance
Yes I have seen poverty
It flies around with flies near many open latrines
It lays lonely in many rusty water pipelines
It hovers over us as a thick fog
It flies to Swiss banks for vacation occasionally
Yes we have all seen “poverty”

Heart of a lover

Posted in poems with tags , , , , , , on January 23, 2016 by Charles Bernard


Come home my handsome lord
The moon is out to seek lovers
Come! let’s delight in its light
Forget the warm bosom of virgins

Nectar is sweet only for a while
Honey soothes the body and mind
Leave the drunks at their table
Come feast on a royal table

Forget philosophers and their words
Would they ever understand Love?
Come and hear of your future glories
In my bosom your happiness lies

Even without riches of gold
Or the features of your body
I will be by you my love
Steady and strong

Smiling and telling you
Sweet life stories all barren years
Till the rain returns
To our heart’s delight

You are my moon and my bloom
My rain and my rainbow
My tears and my laughter
My strength and my love


Wandering Ghosts of the North

Posted in poems, random on January 20, 2016 by Charles Bernard


Hate! Hate!! They screamed

Marching through and destroying all values

In anger they touched our cities

A beautiful arson they perfected


The soothes settle on empty roads

A silent town of wandering ghosts

Ghosts of the hundreds killed

Their crimes nothing but fate


They angry ghosts of the north

Are left to wander forever

Rambling to themselves of in-justice

Silently, the world ignored them


(Written for the thousands of victims killed in Northern Nigeria

Under the guise of Religious “fanatism”)

Broken Spell

Posted in poems with tags , , , , , , , , , on January 18, 2016 by Charles Bernard

broken spell

Life is a miracle and love a myth
Finding the perfect one is the magic
Plenty perfect faces in the crowd
Coming and going in a frenzy
Once the spell is cast
The magic begins to take toll
You re-live in your head
Every little moment spent together
Even your dreams and thoughts
Becomes a theater for her show
Reality merges with illusions
Then slowly you are drown
Deep down the toxic ocean of love
At dawn, it is her voice you crave
At dusk, it is her arms and lips
Beneath the moonlight
Her eyes sparkle like no other
At the first hint of sunlight
Her thoughts sets the day off
Life is a miracle and love is magic
Endlessly you spun poems about her
Singing love songs with vivid images
You see beauty in everything
Even shadows take an abstract beauty
Such is the power of love’s spell
One morning you wake alone
A stale smell of sweat from the nightmare oozes
You start to remember it all
How it went down crumbling
The little fights and without warning
She had fled!

Posted in poems with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on January 16, 2016 by Charles Bernard


An Africa mother’s Advice


Where heads you my son?

Tonight witches shall gather

Soon the sun will go to bed

Ndubisi my son come home

Come lay in your mother’s arm

Let my love protect you

Till dawn in my warmth


Come my son

The moon is full tonight

Let me tell you stories

The morals you must hold

Close to your heart all your life

Let them guide your thoughts

Leading you through life’s path


My son

You’re a prince

Like an ant be wise

Let your judgment be sound

Let your heart be filled with mercy

Give alms to the poor

Give food to the hungry


My son

Fear the woman

Her love is sweet

Her heart is dark

Keep your strength

For the love you shall find

And you shall be fruitful


My son

I have watched you grow

Your temper is quick

I fear it would destroy you

Hold it in check

Say but a few words

Let them be your bonds



My son

Your are my strength

Do not forget me when am old

Remember the breast that fed you

And the back that carried you

Let my old bones cling unto you

Let my dry skin feel your warmth


My son, soon

I will be gone from here

Uphold your father’s name

Let not his legacies die

Do me proud in your deeds

From the spirit land I will smile

For even in death I will watch you


Mother, my first love

Posted in poems with tags , , , , , , , , , , on January 11, 2016 by Charles Bernard


Mother has always been there

My first images of the world

Were her pair of beautiful eyes

It keenly watched me since

Never too rebuking nor approving

They just shone on like a beacon


Mother was the first concept of beauty

My mind recognized on earth

Her features soft and comforting

Hers; was the first voice that sang to me

The first smile that shone on me

The first fingers that trickled me


Mother taught me to speak kind words

Corrected me till I made perfect sounds

Never tiring of my meaningless babbles

Always ready to hear and smile

Many mornings she woke me before twilight

And read me bibles verses till twilight


Mother was my first instructor

She taught me to read time

The hours, minutes and seconds

When to eat, play and sleep

She taught me the changes of weather

The myths behind storms and rainbows


Mother guided me through my first steps

She held and steadied me

Till I was strong and firm

I watched her closely everyday

And imitated her facial expressions

Her smiles, laughter and rebuke


Mother prepared my first meals

And for many years too

So her dishes formed my taste buds

How I always hunger for those manna

Mother was my first everything

My friend, my confident and my lover



First kiss

Posted in poems with tags , , on January 8, 2016 by Charles Bernard


I remember that night well

It still makes my head swell

Though many years ago

Still vivid like a moment ago

It was night’s depth

By two white candles lit
Surrounded by empty desks

And mesmerized by books

Breeze came without warning

Then thunder and lightning

Off went the candles along

Sure the night would go wrong

She sighed, casting her eyes around
I inhaled her whole now

The shampoo, deodorant, her fragrance

It filled my senses

There was a strong arousal

That got a little sensual

As her little fingers found my hair

Emptying my lungs of air

Her soft lips found me first
It was our very first

The rain always reminds me
What It felt like to be you and me

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