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African Girl

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African Girl

This little girl’s mind
Filled with beautiful dreams
Images of a colorful world
Celebrities and models
Flashy cars and diamond studs

This little girl’s mind
Feed off the TV everyday
Not the world around her
It is always Operah or Wendy
Never granny or mummy

Can you help her out of misery
Show her how real is the world
Feed her mind with nature
Pull her away from a bit from TV
Maybe she would understand

Just how to host her own show
How to thrill her own fans
How to be a little girl
How to be a little African girl
How to be a cultured African girl


My birthday is tomorrow so i have decided to upload some of my early poetry work way back…

Posted in poems, thoughts with tags , , , on September 27, 2012 by Charles Bernard

A Quiet Moment

The moving sea appears motionless and

the air ceases to exist

A poem awakens in my mind and

favorite blue song on my lips

Time matters not any more as

the world before me stretches far beyond

Puzzled thoughts twists free as

my mind transcends to great beyond

Life moving slowly light like

sun rays depart the sea surface

Neither sadness nor happiness is felt but

an inner peace witnessed

A quiet tap on the shoulder and

all my illusions shattered

Just once more the word moves on…


Though it is gone I still hold unto it

Away with you gone I still keep the pictures

In my thoughts and in my bed

It was good to me cause you smiled in them

It was good to me cause I had happiness

I had you and you had me

It is this world you left me behind in…

Poor Love

Much happiness and laughter no foundation

Coated with much lies and betrayal

Glitters like a fake diamond

Shatters like a glass plate when it hit rocks

The innocent partner languishes

The other shine in the light

People start to ask questions

The answer is poor love

The First Day

As we walked down the street i felt a new beginning

In your eyes i saw both weakness and strength

The world stood still when you held me in your gaze

The sun set in your eyes and the moon inflamed it

Your arms was warm and comforting

Even when you dazzled away i still saw you

Your name was on my lips when i awoke the next day

A conversion with myself

Posted in thoughts on September 20, 2012 by Charles Bernard

Who are you Charles Bernard?

Look around and imagine yourself

What do  that kid across the street think of you

See from his eyes the picture you paint

Who is your friend really?

Whom can share your burden

Whom can understand your pains

That someone that share your thoughts


The world is cruel my son

Trust not a word from a man

Not even those that come from my lips

For men carry smile on their lips

With long daggers hidden beneath their ropes

Show love without caution

Expect nothing in return

Show great mercy in your deeds

Yet like a fox be smart

That was my father’s voice


I began to wonder

What these words mean?

Why men kill one another?

Why men lie even in the face of truth?

Why men claim to love with a heart filled with hate?


Then I prayed in silence

Manifest my enemy and show thy face

But hidden are they that want me dead

Surely everyman is now a friend

Surely everyman is now an enemy


With death what then is life

With past what then is present

Memories is but a fools paradise

Sometimes everything thus seem foolish

Every being soon to perish

His memories swept away with time

What greater evil then can time do to man

In my mind these thoughts revolve..


Posted in thoughts on August 15, 2012 by moleswords

People can say what they want about you…but it doesn’t change what destiny has for you..

The purpose of existence(A myth)

Posted in thoughts on February 1, 2012 by Charles Bernard

What is life really, this question may never really have an answer,does it not bother your mind that living might never really have an end.
we die then comes immortality which is the most misunderstood concept,a thousand ways each generation have tried to explain immortality. If one was never born or created it Is far more better, the choices we make every now and then always a contradiction.
I have tried to see the end of all anxiety and worries yet nothing seem to move in such direction. Living is pain you wonder what inspire the concept of life. Love ones die along the journey just a little while we are gone with them to the forever silent mode, deep down that dark enclose you wonder what goes on in the mind of the dead,is it not the absolute end of every living entity,riches soon vanishes what value remain forever heroes emerge daily, so what is the stress why all the worries search deeper for the true purpose of your existence may be that the step seven billion people need to take, the wars the technologies,the schools only satisfy momentary demands what then happens when all these values is destroyed.
Man is taken unaware the shock hits so hard that man is thrown off balance. The linkage between every existing human is love that too is just a illusion we have built for our self and gladly enjoy its bright colors. Really look within and understand that selfish interest is the real bond that holds humans together where lack of it beholds hate. Such is the sad fate of the human making.
Every moment we spend on earth means not a thing to the future occupants only the changes we make imprints just a dot on what is to come in the world history. In conclusion the truth is that every word every action of this generation is just a for this set of generation to enjoy over the years time shall phase all away and new stories shall emerge. Now comes the big question what is the true purpose of existence.

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Posted in thoughts on November 27, 2011 by Charles Bernard

Show me a better man and I would show a worst man

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Posted in thoughts on November 27, 2011 by Charles Bernard

Fear the woman for her con is endless

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