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Diary of an Urban man 5 ”building from the scratch”

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Diary of an Urban man 5 ''building from the scratch''

Father was an old professor in psychology with an extensive understanding of the change in social behavior at the turn of the century, his book on modern social psychology was a best seller upon these he held fast to the orthodox ways of doing things. He wasn’t one with disregard for tradition but he was always. quick to remind people that the future is already here and was taking foothold. His understanding of the world brought him very close to three of his children, so close we could tell him almost everything. Since retiring to his country home he rarely traveled so receiving his call and that he was in Lagos, on his way to my house sent cold chills down my spine. Something was wrong and whatever it was very serious even though papa sounded casual on the phone. I made it right home before the gate bell rang lo and behold papa was standing before me wearing his usual Ankara print with a red cap to match. Papa what are you doing in Lagos? Won’t you offer the old man water first. The relaxed look on his face confused me the more. I would like to rest Emeka we have a long night ahead of us. I ushered him to the guest room, Moments later I heard the shower sound. What is papa doing in Lagos and what was so important it had to wait till moonlight.


Depression can break through any emotional guard, I disappeared from my circle of friends to have a moment away from the cameras. Once I was away from A list parties and social gatherings my relationship with people dwindled, most friendship dried up too, I found my self constantly alone with nothing to do but wander about the big house. I wanted to call mum and tell her all I was going through but I wasn’t prepared for her lengthy lessons on how to live my life. Jide came around quite a few time but I told him to stop even though I felt bad I knew I didn’t have any serious feelings for him, he was a fling and am about to evaluate my life so as to bring my child into a comfortable world. Ours alone. There were lots of people showbiz shielded me from and one of them was Christine, my college bosom friend and beckly’s younger sister. She was studying far away in Rome, she was going to soon become a nun of the catholic church. We never lost touch we just stopped talking, either I got too busy for her or she was no longer in the social circle I roll with either way she was one true friend I drifted away from. She knew of my relationship with her brother and had been a mediator at the on set but time changed everything. I was having one of those nights you thought was never going to end with you mind drifting to a million things at same time, I decided to call Christine. Juliet! Her melodious voice sounding surprised over the receiver, to what do I owe this great honor. Hey Christi can’t I just call my bestie to make sure she is fine! Sure my dear but you know I hear and see more of you on screen than in person. Her accusation was sadly true and I was left feeling guilty, Christi am sorry, I wish I could make it up for all the lost time, oh dear it’s fine we can’t make up for all the lost time but we can set the tune for the future. Me and Christi chatted for about an hour, it’s was pure relieve to find that one true friend from your past who never really left, she told me many news she read about me, how I have been in her prayers. I want to see her now, to spend sometime and when she told me she was going to be free for a week I cashed in, we agreed to spend her holiday together. One week with Christi was just pure bliss, at last I found someone to pour my heart out to and I did to a surprised Christi, who was more bewildered I was carrying her niece in my tummy!


My son we don’t throw away babies nor let our blood wander far away. We are a family coherently existing under the banner of love and every child in whose vein our blood flows should be brought under this very banner. Father took me by surprise, the stillness of the night rather took a pause as his calm voice kept filtering into my soul. There was always magic in his words and tonight he cast the spell perfectly. How did he know about Julie? I know your wondering how I knew about Juliet son but is that very necessary? Finally I have a grandchild and you wanted to flush it down a doctor’s sink! I should commend that woman and ask you make her a wife. Now that was it, I was no longer ready to be hoodwinked by Julies’ exploitation of my parents needs into marriage with her, Dad I can’t marry her. If you loved her so much to bury your seed in her womb why can’t you marry her, I know you two were together for a long time your mother and I has always wished you guys tie the nuptial knot. Son she is a beautiful woman! And wayward too Dad, Julie cheated on me. I understand how bizarre I must sound but believe me it must you who gave her a reason to. Women needs constant attention and affection lacking in one of these areas gives the modern woman a chance to look elsewhere even if it is for a moment. You can’t tell me you have been totally faithful to her, for a great future you have to let go of the past. Rare her into the woman you want her to become, that girl loves you and I tell you that’s something you will never find else where. Dad why are you so interested in Julie? I need a grandson and she is carrying one, you need a wife and she is the perfect woman. Think about it son. Good night.


Since after holidaying with Christine life tend to have become so simple and easy, we talk every morning when I wake and right before I sleep at night, sometimes randomly during the daytime. It was almost like she was right beside me every moment. She raised my hopes everyday, I told her everything that happens to me everyday and we talked through our problems. Do you still love Beckly she asked me one day, I mean after all he did to you? I certainly don’t hate him but he hurt my own very soul. If he happens to walk right through your door and beg at your feet would you accept him back, certainly the Beckly I know would never do that at least not at my feet. The fondness he had of me died long ago, what happened I knew he loved you so much. I slipped and cheated on him, it broke everything we shared. Julie nothing can’t be repaired I guess he is just being a man remember love don’t die, it only take a recess. Don’t cover up for him please, my love for him is dead too, I have moved on and nothing could bring me back.


Standing by the office window and looking down to the ever busy street of lagos, people moving in opposite directions, it was almost as if no one is aware of the others existence. The bus conductor arguing with a passenger was not concerned by the groundnut hawker by the glass pane trying to sell her goods to other passengers, the young man at the glass pane didn’t hear her as he had a Dre beat earpiece on and was chatting with his friend on blackberry probably the friend is far away in another continent. There was a mad man pushing his away through the crowd on his way to nowhere, he steps on a deaf crippled beggar who was furious as he frantically made waved his hands in the air to show his anger but no one understood his pain. Then there was a little boy picking a gentle man’s wallet from his pocket as he bent to drop a note in the beggars plate, a policeman was just down the street devouring a loaf of bread and a groundnut with a bottle of coke, his gun resting by his side. The sound of my ring tone brought me back to my office just beside my window, it was Christine! Hello cherry, how is the pope. At the end of the 20 minutes call a lot of questions had been answered but new questions were raised. So Julie told her everything, I thought their friendship was dead ages ago, why now? Julie is playing a game and she just rolled the dice. I just hope she is prepared to play it to the end.


African Girl

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African Girl

This little girl’s mind
Filled with beautiful dreams
Images of a colorful world
Celebrities and models
Flashy cars and diamond studs

This little girl’s mind
Feed off the TV everyday
Not the world around her
It is always Operah or Wendy
Never granny or mummy

Can you help her out of misery
Show her how real is the world
Feed her mind with nature
Pull her away from a bit from TV
Maybe she would understand

Just how to host her own show
How to thrill her own fans
How to be a little girl
How to be a little African girl
How to be a cultured African girl

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