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An Africa mother’s Advice


Where heads you my son?

Tonight witches shall gather

Soon the sun will go to bed

Ndubisi my son come home

Come lay in your mother’s arm

Let my love protect you

Till dawn in my warmth


Come my son

The moon is full tonight

Let me tell you stories

The morals you must hold

Close to your heart all your life

Let them guide your thoughts

Leading you through life’s path


My son

You’re a prince

Like an ant be wise

Let your judgment be sound

Let your heart be filled with mercy

Give alms to the poor

Give food to the hungry


My son

Fear the woman

Her love is sweet

Her heart is dark

Keep your strength

For the love you shall find

And you shall be fruitful


My son

I have watched you grow

Your temper is quick

I fear it would destroy you

Hold it in check

Say but a few words

Let them be your bonds



My son

Your are my strength

Do not forget me when am old

Remember the breast that fed you

And the back that carried you

Let my old bones cling unto you

Let my dry skin feel your warmth


My son, soon

I will be gone from here

Uphold your father’s name

Let not his legacies die

Do me proud in your deeds

From the spirit land I will smile

For even in death I will watch you




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I know these streets well
Every route running through
Ones with stinking refuse
Those adorned with flowers
Where the crooks hide
Where men rabble about God

I have seen the struggles
The fight to survive
The many shades of failure
Tiny glimpses of success
Hope of many dead men
Their dreams buried with them

I know the painful scourge
The sensation of the sun
Burning the neck
The sweat soaking the shirts
The smell that followed
The beggar beneath it all

I am neither here or there
I am a man in motion
Caught between dreams and nightmares
Living my everyday
Between both extremes
I am too tough to snap

I have seen miracles
I have witnessed karma
I have heard prophesies
Also I have seen,
Nightmares become dreams
And dreams become reality

African Girl

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African Girl

This little girl’s mind
Filled with beautiful dreams
Images of a colorful world
Celebrities and models
Flashy cars and diamond studs

This little girl’s mind
Feed off the TV everyday
Not the world around her
It is always Operah or Wendy
Never granny or mummy

Can you help her out of misery
Show her how real is the world
Feed her mind with nature
Pull her away from a bit from TV
Maybe she would understand

Just how to host her own show
How to thrill her own fans
How to be a little girl
How to be a little African girl
How to be a cultured African girl

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