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An Africa mother’s Advice


Where heads you my son?

Tonight witches shall gather

Soon the sun will go to bed

Ndubisi my son come home

Come lay in your mother’s arm

Let my love protect you

Till dawn in my warmth


Come my son

The moon is full tonight

Let me tell you stories

The morals you must hold

Close to your heart all your life

Let them guide your thoughts

Leading you through life’s path


My son

You’re a prince

Like an ant be wise

Let your judgment be sound

Let your heart be filled with mercy

Give alms to the poor

Give food to the hungry


My son

Fear the woman

Her love is sweet

Her heart is dark

Keep your strength

For the love you shall find

And you shall be fruitful


My son

I have watched you grow

Your temper is quick

I fear it would destroy you

Hold it in check

Say but a few words

Let them be your bonds



My son

Your are my strength

Do not forget me when am old

Remember the breast that fed you

And the back that carried you

Let my old bones cling unto you

Let my dry skin feel your warmth


My son, soon

I will be gone from here

Uphold your father’s name

Let not his legacies die

Do me proud in your deeds

From the spirit land I will smile

For even in death I will watch you




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Finally I found the answer
To that which I seek all these while
The reasons for all my awkward smiles
The one thing that is freely given
All that is long gone now

I understand you leaving me
But I leaving you was so wrong
I was blind to what was real
I was deaf to what was screaming
All that is long gone now

It is not your affections I miss
I don’t have those needs anymore
For blood has since caked my heart
I have since forgotten how it felt
All that is long gone now

Your memories make me smile
It is like it was just yesterday
We stopped sharing long times together
We stopped believing in our selves
All that is long gone now

Those little magical moments together
They are still very much alive within
Things only we knew about us
The pleasure of someone trustworthy
All that is long gone now

Am sorry if you suddenly think of me
It is maybe I think so much about you
Or that I dream too much of you
I don’t deserve any of those
All that is long gone now

You said if I could I should leave
I saw it hurt you how I obeyed
I was too carried away to care
I was eager to prove you right
All that is long gone now

I pray for your happiness everyday
Gladly I wish my joy be yours too
Am contented to bear your sorrow
But every right I have towards you
Is also long gone with time.

You and me

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You and me

we are in love
so much we live within us
your are me and i you
my world built around you
my thoughts and dreams
those of you alone

High above the world
existing on another plane
like two lemon roses
towering above a sea of red petals
leaning towards the setting sun
side by side supporting each other

I can never mock your feelings
Even when the seem so stupid
your smiles shall be my happiness
And your tears my sorrow
It’s you who now lives in me
And my heart beating in your chest

To the world it is complicated
To us it is a simple cause
through my eyes you see the world
And in your eyes our unending path
from here to the world beyond
Time and space can’t make our feelings fade

Ours is like that of the master and a humble servant
But we are both servants
At the feet of a higher master
We understand our places perfectly
And do our duties delightfully
Without jealousy and envy

We will always disagree to agree
We will always forgive every err
And together nurse our every wound
Till we are whole again
For we know there is no ending
You are me and i you

Evil Days

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Dates written in blood
Clothes shredded to rags
Names with random tags
All eyes upwards to the cloud

Come sit with me in the open
Let’s enjoy the smell of rotten flesh
Where the vegetation was once fresh
Vultures now feed in the open

I heard tales of today years ago
From a seer of the old age
He told me the evil of new age
The arrival of new form of human ego

What is the taste of fresh water?
I know not for its been so long ago
Even the sky had shed off it’s old ego
Black sun and red moon grace its quarter

Fill this skull with fresh blood
For it is yet another dark dawn
Let’s roast the flesh of the noisy clown
Said the voice of our earthly lord

At street corner the widow sat
Feeding on the remains of her family
Hoping soon these evil days shall pass by
Waiting to feed on her at another corner we sat!

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