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Mother, my first love

Posted in poems with tags , , , , , , , , , , on January 11, 2016 by Charles Bernard


Mother has always been there

My first images of the world

Were her pair of beautiful eyes

It keenly watched me since

Never too rebuking nor approving

They just shone on like a beacon


Mother was the first concept of beauty

My mind recognized on earth

Her features soft and comforting

Hers; was the first voice that sang to me

The first smile that shone on me

The first fingers that trickled me


Mother taught me to speak kind words

Corrected me till I made perfect sounds

Never tiring of my meaningless babbles

Always ready to hear and smile

Many mornings she woke me before twilight

And read me bibles verses till twilight


Mother was my first instructor

She taught me to read time

The hours, minutes and seconds

When to eat, play and sleep

She taught me the changes of weather

The myths behind storms and rainbows


Mother guided me through my first steps

She held and steadied me

Till I was strong and firm

I watched her closely everyday

And imitated her facial expressions

Her smiles, laughter and rebuke


Mother prepared my first meals

And for many years too

So her dishes formed my taste buds

How I always hunger for those manna

Mother was my first everything

My friend, my confident and my lover




An African mother Advice

Posted in poems with tags , , , , , , on February 17, 2012 by Charles Bernard

An Africa mother’s Advice

Tonight witches shall gather
Soon the sun will go to bed
Ndubisi my son come home
Come lay in your mother’s arm
Let my love protect you
Under my bosom you will dwell
Till dawn in my warmth

Come my son
The moon is full tonight
Let me tell you life stories
The morals you must hold
Close to your heart all your life
Let them guide your thoughts
Leading you through life’s path

My son
You’re a prince
Like an ant be wise
Let your judgment be sound
Let your heart be filled with mercy
Give alms to the poor
Give food to the hungry

Fear the woman
Her love is sweet
Her heart is dark
Keep your strength
For the love you shall find
And you shall be fruitful

My dear son
I have watched you grow
Your temper is quick
I fear it would destroy you
Hold it in check
Say but a few words
Let them be your bonds

My son
Your are my strength
Do not forget me when am old
Remember the breast that fed you
Let my old bones cling unto you
Let my dry skin feel your warmth

My son soon
I will be gone from here
Uphold your father’s name
Let not his legacies die
Do me proud in your deeds
From the spirit land I will smile
For even in death I will watch you

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