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I Have Seen Poverty

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It stares at me everyday on news headlines
It glides like Lagos state traffic
It screams in the ruined town of Maiduguri
It flows like River Niger along Onitsha boarder
Yes I have seen poverty
It lives in the swollen belly of Somalia kids
It swims in the painful tears of Sudan kids
It plays with kids on the street of Freetown
She is the smiling toothless kid of Congo
Yes I have seen poverty
Embedded in the long speeches of Mallam Sanusi
It is sleeping near Abacha’s resting place
It is living on Dimba Igwe’s regular column
Google Africa you can find her in abundance
Yes I have seen poverty
It flies around with flies near many open latrines
It lays lonely in many rusty water pipelines
It hovers over us as a thick fog
It flies to Swiss banks for vacation occasionally
Yes we have all seen “poverty”

A Country of penury, pain and mayhem.

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A Country of penury, pain and mayhem.

What good is a man without love?
He is even to himself a great evil
A willing and humble slave to the devil
Karma would weigh him with his own clove

No war is just! No blood shed was worth it!!
Killing a common man to protect a common man?
Plotting evil underneath the northern pans
Soon another location they would hit

What folly have men perfected?
Under the guise of religious fanaticism
In the past “Together” we had fought racism
Now they want our paths parted

What folly have men perfected?
Ethnicity propels segregation
Weak weaken the strong enfeebled nation!
A country of penury, pain and mayhem; they created

We watch wealth and bliss washed off the shore
Daylight dims on sunny days
High spires crumble on worship days
Lives are spare not in this country dire show

If come hope to stay—they hope to slay
Covetous and desirous politico
Seers can’t tell the age of how far we go
Of the men sworn in a day of may..

Say a prayer for the dawn of a new age
Of Mutual respect despite your religion
Soaring high and away from our tribal dungeon
At the helm of affairs then; a great sage
~ a Stephen Crown and Charles Bernard poem collection~

Black Cartel 7 “A New Dawn”

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Black Cartel 7 “A New Dawn”

Multiple ripples of fear in the crime world accompanied the news of Shadow’s death, the invincible executioner of the Don has been killed and every cartel family in Nigeria was wary of the Don’s wrath. The Don’s dominance was greatly shaken and even Lone Shark knew that dangerous bloody days waited in the near by future. The battle line has been drawn and he was at the center of it all, Lone felt the pain of every soul that would be wasted for his sake and thought of going to Don himself to negotiate a way out.

But he knew nothing would please the Don but his head on a platter and he wasn’t ready to offer his life to the man who murdered the only family he had. Let him come and get it himself Chief Donald told him while he discussed the matter with the old man.

Chief Donald stroked his beards as he always did when in deep thoughts, then said to Lone I think you should take a vacation son he said to Lone Shark and allow me to maneuver the situation to our favor. There won’t be much causality I will make sure of that, it won’t be long before everything settles then you can return the Chief concluded. Lone Shark stuck a stick of cigarette between his lips and proceeded to light it, he inhaled deeply then sent thick white smoke into the air towards the sky, what will the Don do godfather? Send an army? Sorry to disappoint you but I am not leaving Lagos till I see the end of everyone that murdered my family. The day I watched my brother lowered into the grave I swore to avenge him, I can’t turn back now that I am close to making good that promise this is my war and I intend to see the end of it.

Very well said Chief Donald I won’t stand in your way just be very careful son, you mean more to me alive than dead. Thank you godfather said Lone Shark.


Maria staggered from side to side as she walked through a dense maize farm under scorching mid day sun, her blouse was soaked with sweat and her feet was badly bruised.

She had managed to escape by tricking one of her abductors into wanting a conjugal session with her. She had left him lying cold in her cell with a bullet hole in his skull. She was eager to the high way before the other man returns and set out to find her, she had managed to retrieve her hand bag from one of the drawers before setting out, they were kind enough to have left her personnel effects intact save her phone which was no where to be found. At last she made it to the high way and was lucky to secure a cab, in no time she was headed to the heart of the city. Her first stop was an ATM from whence she proceeded to her hotel, they had reserved her luggage. Maria had a quick shower and a fast lunch then was on the road to the airport, she wanted a night flight to Lagos but was only lucky to have an early morning flight. She borrowed a phone from a stranger and made contact with Don Juan who was so happy she was still alive. Contact with this person once you reach Lagos said Don Juan then he proceeded to give her Chief Donald’s phone number which she jotted down on a piece of paper. When the line went dead Maria regretted having not asked him about Smart though she had her reasons of not wanting to raise the Don’s eyebrow but she wondered if he was still alive. Part of her missed him greatly. Come sunrise tomorrow she would be on her way to Lagos, there she will get answers to all her questions.


The Don walked to and fro from one end of his balcony to the other end with a glass of wine in his hand, occasional he paused and took a sip, when it ran empty he had one of his bodyguards refill it. Shadow’s death had greatly unsettled him not that he lacked hit men but he didn’t just trust their capability and also he has Lone Shark to contend with, he was already running out of ideas on how to kill the him however he has one more move to make on the chess board, one that Lone Shark will never for see.

A potbellied police Chief arrived 30 minutes late the scheduled time for his appointment, ordinarily the Don would refuse to see him and reschedule the appointment he hated lateness. Rather he motioned him to take a seat opposite him even though he was a sucker for punctuality he didn’t care for protocols on days like this, I have someone I need you to take care of for me officer the Don said after the police man had settled opposite him. You know the usually drill the officer responded to the Don’s request whom in turn motioned to one of his guards, the guard brought him an envelope which he handed over to the officer. The officer peeped inside it, a crooked smile lined up on his lips, consider it done Don all I need now is the data. The Don gave him another envelope containing information about Lone Shark then said I must warn you this one is highly dangerous. No need to worry Don we know how to deal with such people the officer said.

That same night few hours after the police officer left the Don’s house Lone Shark was arrested as he left the hospital were Smart laid fighting hard to live again, he was still unconscious and the Doctor gave no hope of him coming around soon which troubled Shark greatly.

License and registration please one hungry looking policeman inquired, Lone Shark first instinct was to blast him through the head and speed off but he thought otherwise. He had neither of what was demanded so he squeezed five hundred naira bill and handed it over to the policeman who blatantly refused the money demanding he identified himself. Within minutes of the little commotion three other policemen appeared from no where and the first police man explained to one of the men whom seemed in charge that the vehicle of Lone Shark matched the description of a recently stolen vehicle, the man passionately apologized to Lone Shark but asked him to follow them to the station to make a statement, it was just normal routine consistent with police work he explained. Itching to get home quickly he agreed to follow them, he was certain the police can’t hurt him all they wanted was money and some dumb shit statement. It didn’t occur to Lone Shark yet it was staged till one of the policemen sent an electrifying shock through his system, he wanted to struggle but it was already too late a tape was placed over his mouth and his hand was cuffed behind him. Through a dreamy eye he saw one of them fixing a silencer over his pistol then he knew it was over, he wasn’t going to wake up from this sleep ever again gradually he drifted forever to dreamland.


At nearly same time as Lone Shark’s murder, three men acting on Chief Jaja’s order dressed as catholic priests invaded the Don’s house pretending on wanting to pay him homage, on some recent donations he made to the church. The gateman was use to priests visiting the Don so he wasn’t suspicious as he let them in, it was easy to pass all other guards all the way to the living room. They were directed to the balcony where the Don still sat planning on the next move after Sharks death, he was relived to see the priests they seemed the perfect distraction. His face changed from a glow to that of horror as he watched them gun down the two body guards that were with him, then the barrel was facing his fore head within seconds it was all over and the men left the way the came.

When Chief Donald heard of the Don’s death from Chief Jaja he was over whelmed but his feelings soon turned to worries as he called Shark’s number severally failing to reach him on each occasion, he was certain something had happened and he feared the worst that came to be.


The dawn of a new day brought with it the dawn of a new era in the cartel circle, while the news of the Don’s eclipsed other important news items in the media, allegiance to cartel house of the late Don faded away with the night, many sought the face of the obvious next Don “Chief Jaja”. An emergency meeting was scheduled at mid night to merge powers and flush out what ever remained of the late Don. Many small time affiliates left town in a hurry fearing an uprising against them. The house Chief Donald was silent and in a mournful mood following Lone Shark’s death, his body was discovered along the coast of Lagos beach.

Maria arrived Lagos to an atmosphere of mixed emotion Chief Donald sent a car to pick her from the airport, the moment she settled in she made inquiries about Smart and was told of his condition.

With a huge bouquet of flowers she visited him at hospital, as she sat beside him she whispered into his ear please live for me dear one. He let out a weak little gasp of air at her words this made her smile with tears in her eyes, she then said you are going to live for me.

She stayed with him all day, holding his hands and telling him sweet words occasionally he smiled but he still seemed withdrawn from his surrounding but it gave her great hope and joy to see his lips move.


Two months later Lagos was still same as last two months to the common man on the street, the same hustle and bustle to make ends meet. But the Black cartel had a new leader and with new members including Smart who received a fortune from Lone Shark’s will while Chief Donald was vacating with Don Juan in his hill top mansion in Mexico.

One beautiful Friday morning a beautifully dressed Maria was saying I do to Smart in a small customary court in the city of Vegas. After the exchange of vows Maria whispered into his ear are you now rich enough to take care of me, he smiled and kissed her passionately on the lips then whispered in turn to her ear I would answer that question everyday for the rest of our lives….

Evil Days

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Dates written in blood
Clothes shredded to rags
Names with random tags
All eyes upwards to the cloud

Come sit with me in the open
Let’s enjoy the smell of rotten flesh
Where the vegetation was once fresh
Vultures now feed in the open

I heard tales of today years ago
From a seer of the old age
He told me the evil of new age
The arrival of new form of human ego

What is the taste of fresh water?
I know not for its been so long ago
Even the sky had shed off it’s old ego
Black sun and red moon grace its quarter

Fill this skull with fresh blood
For it is yet another dark dawn
Let’s roast the flesh of the noisy clown
Said the voice of our earthly lord

At street corner the widow sat
Feeding on the remains of her family
Hoping soon these evil days shall pass by
Waiting to feed on her at another corner we sat!

A Chance to fight the lost war agian

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My problem with people is that they forget soon the sacrifices made so that we can be where we are today, rather than reflect on past times and bring about positive change to both the political and social atmosphere of our society, greed and religious fanaticism to achieve dubious aims is what is been propagated.

The mannerism with the book Achabe wrote generated controversy and the argumentative points of most intellects go further to buttress the point that those who fought and perished in the war are fools.  Let us start by examining some common fact before we proceed to national matter, do we Nigerians value human lives? We do all kind of ceremonial jamboree when a man dies but do we in the long run justify what he had lived for? Let me explain what I mean by those questions and hence relate them to our discussion.

Millions died in the cause of the civil unrest and war of the 1970s were both Nigerians and Biafrans lost lots leaders and intellectuals, those lives were lost to foster unity in the country threatened to disintegration by sheer mutual hatred by the common man for his fellow common man. I say this because what other reason can justify the mass murder of that time and it is sad that 42 years after a war was waged and lives lost we are yet to truly grasp the concept of unity as a country and have kept on fighting the lost war in our minds everyday. If the north can’t accept the east nor the west accept the south, if Muslims can’t accept Christians then what did we fight for or against, a divided house is no house at all, the lives lost and the sacrifices made meant nothing to us.

Now back to our national scene what is the mind set of the common man in the street and what is his concept of politics? If the common country men do not share at least a common view towards the future of this country then how can there be any meaningful change in the attitude of our leaders hence the elite continue to short change the masses. Is it not worrisome enough the different revolutionary groups springing up and the tactics they employ to draw attention. How can bombing of churches, pipelines,innocent civilians justify any possible claims? How can they even gain the support of the people instead the deepen the antagonism already existing between tribes and religions.

We are moving towards another election year yet not one leader has emerged to be a rallying point for the country rather there has only been fractional popular leaders. It is common to hear on the street swearing by jobless youths that his or her preferred candidate must be governor or president or their won’t be peace when you ask such person the reason for such absolute believe in the candidacy of the individual no matter how he seeks to explain it to you there can only be one possible deduction, religious affiliation or some other sentimental affiliation not based on merit or past records even some of our elite are guilty of these stupid sentimental judgment.

Do we seek a true leader who can dispatch quality or do we seek some other personnel satisfaction? It not only laughable but a worrisome trend to any right thinking person who truly love Nigeria. This trend has eaten deeply into our hearts that it will take a divine touch to open our eyes to the reality that we are been short changed by these people we impose on our selves blindly.

We have lost previous wars against unity with 2015 lurking around it is time to fight again, every youth every elite every man that loves Nigeria should purge his self of sentiment and rise to logical reasoning to achieve a common national goal of unity to bring about meaningful development to the sectors of our economy which is on a fast decline that is the war we waged and lost. Today we have a chance to fight again and I hope we win this time.


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Slipping through our hands
The life we so much treasure
Our arsenals choking Mother Nature
Man! rushing to the end

Our greed birthed hate
Out of war we seek gain
Journey on a derailed train
Hate sealed our fate

Racing so fast chasing shadows
From lonely path walk with pride
Then furious battle horse ride
From bicycles to airplanes

Science miracles we did embrace
Their cause we followed with zeal
Celebrating the good and evil
Dying in millions without grace

Tomorrow is yet to come
but I know a mother will cry

The land would be dry
how do we manage that which is to come

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